Can’t enable FileVault (Full-disk-encryption) with APFS

I got a MacBook Pro which has been updated to macOS Mojava (10.14) and stuck in enabling FileVault with following errors:

Authentication server failed to complete the requested operation
Authentication server refused operation because the current credentials are not authorized for the requested operation.

Solutions which are not working for my situation:

  1. Check and remove CryptoUser from APFS with diskutil
  2. Reset and change the UUID of the admin user
  3. Convert to HFS with Paragon APFS to HFS converter
  4. Many other solutions found on the Internet


  1. Connect a USB drive and make a backup with Time Machine
  2. Poweroff and disconnect the USB drive
  3. Boot into recovery mode (CMD+R)
  4. Format your internal Disk to HFS. Your disk will be converted to APFS after restoring from Time Machine
  5. Connect the USB drive and restore with Time Machine
  6. Reboot

Now you have a clean APFS table with all your previous data. After this you can enable FileValut again

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