Month: June 2015

BackupPC broken after upgrade

If you get this error after you installed the latest update:

Error: Unable to connect to BackupPC server

This CGI script (/BackupPC) is unable to connect to the BackupPC server on server port -1.
The error was: unix connect: No such file or directory.
Perhaps the BackupPC server is not running or there is a configuration error. Please report this to your Sys Admin.

Maybe this will help

mkdir /var/run/BackupPC

chown backuppc:backuppc /var/run/BackupPC

systemctl restart backuppc

Android synchronize music over WiFi meets Ruby

I switched the tool now to Ruby which brings the following benefits against the bash version.

  • Much faster in the during file comparison for deletion (Tested with a fileset of 8000 files)
  • You can now sync your USB Stick, for example useful for the car
  • With different configurations it is possible to run multiple instances at the same time and sync all your devices parallel

You find the new version on github:

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