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Plant monitoring v0.1

IMPORTANT: This article will be updated, last change: 11.10.2020 13:42 Today I describe a new project to monitor plants: How it looks when it is integrated into Nagios GitHub Repository: nagios_check_plant_sensor Nagios configuration Mind the “local-service-plantsensor”, it’s important to reduce the calls to safe the plantsensor battery define service { name local-service-plantsensor use local-service max_check_attempts 1 check_interval 360 notification_interval 360 register 0 } define service{ use local-service-plantsensor,graphed-service host_name plantsensor service_description …

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Synchronize multiple Smart Light Bulbs

Today I describe how to synchronize multiple Smart Light Bulbs with one main bulb. You can set the color temperature and brightness for one main lamp, in this example the kitchen, based on this lamp other lamps are synchronized. It is not necessary that the lamps are online during changing the color temperature or brightness. Lights which are offline will get the new configuration after they are turned on. Environment …

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