oVirtBackup: online full-backup tool for oVirt

I wrote the last days a little Tool to get in touch with Python (first time) and solved a little backup problem since I switched from vmware esxi to oVirt.

The Tool creates a full backup and export it to a NFS share (export domain).


  • NFS share which are connected to the ovirt-engine where the backups will be stored


  • Create a snapshot
  • Clone the snapshot into a new VM
  • Delete the snapshot
  • Export the VM to the NFS share
  • Delete the VM


  • It is possible to set the age in days how long the backup should be hold

You can find it on github:


WARNING: Wrong configuration can delete your existent backup !!! Please test it first with a new clean VM !!!

Note: With the current Python API (ovirtsdk) it is not possible to export a snapshot directly to the NFS share so it is necessary to create first a temporary VM