Plant monitoring v0.1

Today I describe a new project to monitor plants: How it looks like when it is integrated into Nagios. GitHub Repository: nagios_check_plant_sensor Table of contents 1. Hardware1.1. Plant sensor1.2. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B​2. Installation​2.1. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B​2.2. Install Python 3.8.*​2.3. Install check_plant_sensor​2.4. Find your sensor’s MAC​2.5. Test check_plant_sensor​2.6. Install NRPE​3. Configure Nagios​3.1. Nagios configuration​4. It’s done​ 1. Hardware 1.1. Plant sensor Manufacturer: WanfeiProduct: Flower Care TesterPrice (21.10.2020): …

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Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X initiate site-to-site VPN after remote site reboot

To establish a site-to-site VPN connection the remote site has to initiate a connection to the main subnet. Normally this is a good idea to bring up the connection but sometimes there is connection starting from the remote site. For example if you have on the remote site surveilance cameras system which has to connect to the main site it is not possible to initiate a VPN connection from the …

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How to access VNC in Safe Mode

Today I describe how to enable VNC on a remote machine which can be used in safe mode. Environment Windows 10 Pro 64bit TightVNC Workflow Connect with VNC to the remote machine Open an elevated command prompt REG COPY HKLMsystemCurrentControlSetservicestvnserver HKLMsystemCurrentControlSetcontrolsafebootnetworktvnserver /s /f Open msconfig Set safe mode with network enabled Reboot the machine Reconnect with VNC to the remote machine

LibreOffice: Automatically save documents

Below you find a solution how to automatically save documents, in case you forget to save your documents and leave the workstation and therefore they are not synchronized with your favorite cloud solution (or if some of your colleague are forget to save the files …). Environment OS: MacOS 10.15.3 and ArchLinux (21.2.2020) LibreOffice Workflow Open the settings and change as you see below Close LibreOffice and reopen (IMPORTANT) …

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oVirt: DataAccessResourceFailureException

From one day to another the oVirt Management Webinterface broke with the Exception: org.springframework.dao.DataAccessResourceFailureException:Error retrieving database metadata; nested exception is Error while extracting DatabaseMetaData; nested exception is org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: This connection has been closed. After investigating the log file I found in “/var/log/ovirt-engine-dwh/ovirt-engine-dwhd.log” the following error: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: right sibling’s left-link doesn’t match: block 2 links to 1 instead of expected 4 in index “idx_vm_device_history_vm_id_type” Solution Thanks to Strahil N., …

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Upgrade Contao v3 to v4

Today I upgrade an Contao v3 installation to Contao v4. Steps overview: Backup Setup local server with apache as docker container Migrate to v4 Migrate code manually until page looks like in v3 Move files to destination server NOTE: Some steps below are explained very short, if you need more details please leave a comment and I will go more into depth for the needed step. Workflow Create a backup …

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Microsoft Access – Add missing record for Auto-Number records

One of my customers use an access “application” where surprisingly one record was missing for an auto-number field. Therefore one invoice number was missing which can lead to many questions when the finance is asking where the number is. Here are the steps how to add a the missing record.Note: Its a little bit complicated for such a simple task but i found no other solution. Backup your database Open …

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Clone Acronis Recovery USB with GParted

In the following article you find a way how to clone an Acronis Recovery flash drive with GParted. Environment: ArchLinux (Latest Updates 28.12.2019) GParted Acronis True Image 2018 USB Disk Workflow: Plug in both flash drives Reduce the size of the flash drive with GParted. Don’t forget to apply the changes before going to the next step. Copy the Partition Paste the Partition Boot the new flash drive and enjoy …

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oVirt 4.* add HA for HostedEngine

Today I describe how to enable the high available feature in oVirt with two hosts. Normally this should be enabled during adding one host but it can also be enabled afterwards as well. Shut down or migrate all VMs for the given host Put the host into maintenance Reinstall oVirt Set Hosted Engine to “deploy” Now you should see a crown beside the hostname You can migrate the HostedEngine to …

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Synchronize multiple Smart Light Bulbs

Today I describe how to synchronize multiple Smart Light Bulbs with one main bulb. You can set the color temperature and brightness for one main lamp, in this example the kitchen, based on this lamp other lamps are synchronized. It is not necessary that the lamps are online during changing the color temperature or brightness. Lights which are offline will get the new configuration after they are turned on. Environment …

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