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Connect Barcode Scanner Datalogic QuickScan QBT2101 with Windows 10 and add Tab as Suffix

Below you find the steps to connect a Datalogic QuickScan QBT2101 Barcode Scanner and Windows 10 with Bluetooth and add Tab-Key as Suffix after the scanned code.

What is a Suffix?


You can find the used Barcodes from the references, for easy reproduction I have copied them into this article.

  1. Scan variable barcode
  2. Scan Link code
  3. Search and connect from Windows. Windows should ask for an authentication code. Select “0000” and hit return
  4. Now the green light on the Scanner should light up
  5. Send the code below four times
  6. Commit the scanned code with
  7. Now you can use the Scanner, after every scan it should send a Return by default.

You can scan the following code to configure the scanner to add an Tab-Key after every code instead of Return

In detail: This code sets the scanner to programming mode, send the given Suffix and exit from the programming mode.

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