Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X initiate site-to-site VPN after remote site reboot

To establish a site-to-site VPN connection the remote site has to initiate a connection to the main subnet. Normally this is a good idea to bring up the connection but sometimes there is connection starting from the remote site. For example if you have on the remote site surveilance cameras system which has to connect to the main site it is not possible to initiate a VPN connection from the main site.

If you are facing the same problem which I did today here is the solution/workaround:

1. Set up a site-to-site connection
2. SSH into the remote EdgeRouter
3. Create a script

vi /config/scripts/cron-init-vpn.sh
/bin/ping -c 2

4. Close VI with „:x“
5. Set the executive bit for that script

chmod u+x /config/scripts/cron-init-vpn.sh

6. Configure cron to use the script

set system task-scheduler task init-vpn executable path /config/scripts/cron-init-vpn.sh
set system task-scheduler task init-vpn interval 5m

7. Verify your task

show system task-scheduler task
task init-vpn {
executable {
path /config/scripts/cron-init-vpn.sh
interval 5m

8. Connect to the main VPN and restart the remote site, after some minutes its possible to connect to the remote site.

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