Synchronize multiple Smart Light Bulbs

Today I describe how to synchronize multiple Smart Light Bulbs with one main bulb.

You can set the color temperature and brightness for one main lamp, in this example the kitchen, based on this lamp other lamps are synchronized. It is not necessary that the lamps are online during changing the color temperature or brightness. Lights which are offline will get the new configuration after they are turned on.


  • IKEA TRÅDFRI smart light bulbs
  • Philips HUE bridge
  • Smartphone with Philips HUE bridge
  • openHAB, v2.4.0

Requirements which are not described here

  • Lamps connected to HUE bridge
  • Philips HUE App installed on a smartphone
  • Installation of openHAB

If you need help setting up the requirements leave a comment and I will provide links or instructions.


1. openHAB: Identify the main lamp and the other lamps

Open openHAB, in PaperUI, go to “Configuration > Things” and note the ID

This is my main lamp hue:0220:a67c0cab:10

2. Smartphone: Create one room with the main lamp

3. openHAB: Create the rule

rule "synchronizeLamps"

Time cron "*/10 * * * * ?" then var brightness = hue_0220_a67c0cab_10_brightness.state var color_temperature = hue_0220_a67c0cab_10_color_temperature.state // logInfo("synchronizeLamps","brightness="+brightness+", color_temperature="+color_temperature) // Schlafzimmer hue_0220_a67c0cab_1_brightness.sendCommand(brightness) Thread::sleep(500) hue_0220_a67c0cab_1_color_temperature.sendCommand(color_temperature) Thread::sleep(500) // Wohnzimmer Standlampe hue_0220_a67c0cab_2_brightness.sendCommand(brightness) Thread::sleep(500) hue_0220_a67c0cab_2_color_temperature.sendCommand(color_temperature) Thread::sleep(500) // Wohnzimmer Decke hue_0220_a67c0cab_4_brightness.sendCommand(brightness) Thread::sleep(500) hue_0220_a67c0cab_4_color_temperature.sendCommand(color_temperature) Thread::sleep(500) // Vorzimmer hue_0220_a67c0cab_8_brightness.sendCommand(brightness) Thread::sleep(500) hue_0220_a67c0cab_8_color_temperature.sendCommand(color_temperature) Thread::sleep(500) // Kühlschrank hue_0220_a67c0cab_11_brightness.sendCommand(brightness) Thread::sleep(500) hue_0220_a67c0cab_11_color_temperature.sendCommand(color_temperature) Thread::sleep(500) // WC hue_0220_a67c0cab_12_brightness.sendCommand(brightness) Thread::sleep(500) hue_0220_a67c0cab_12_color_temperature.sendCommand(color_temperature) Thread::sleep(500) end

4. Done: Now you can use the rule

After you change the room brightness and color temperature the other lamps will synchronize at least after ten seconds.

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