Matomo und die DSGVO

Folgende Einstellungen müssen bei Matomo ehemals Piwik angepasst werden um DSGVO-konform zu sein.

1. IP Adressen anonymisieren

  • Als Administrator anmelden
  • In den Einstellungen den Punkt “Daten anonymisieren” auswählen
  • Einstellungen wie im Screenshot ersichtlich anpassen

  • WICHTIG: Alte Daten müssen anonymisiert werden. Das benötigte Tool ist auf der gleichen Seite etwas unterhalb zu finden

2. Auf den jeweiligen Seiten muss der Datenschutz iFrame eingebettet werden

  • Als Administrator anmelden
  • In den Einstellungen den Punkt “Users opt-out” auswählen und den entsprechenden in eurer Webseite einbauen

Mehr Informationen findest du auf

Gnome 3: Missing ownCloud-client tray icon

If you use Gnome 3 under Arch Linux with ownCloud client you will see no tray icon by default.

Here are the steps to get to the tray icon like you see in the screenshot

  • Install gnome-Tweaks

yaourt gnome-tweaks

  • Install the Appindicator extension

yaourt gnome-shell-extension-appindicator

  • Open gnome tweaks and enable the extension

  • Restart ownCloud-client or login and logout

Use HP iLO2 Remote Console with Linux in 2018

Today I have to reinstall an old HP ProLiant 350 G5 which uses Integrated Lights-Out 2 (iLO2). For the re-installation I need to use the Remote Console which runs as Java Applet. A long time ago Firefox dropped the support of NPAPI and therefore Java Applets will not work anymore (Official statement).

Here is my solution how to use Java Applets.


  • OS: Arch Linux
  • Browser: Firefox ESR
  • Java: JRE7
  • HP ProLiant ML350 G5 with iLO2

Install Firefox ESR

yaourt firefox-esr

Choose version: aur/firefox-esr-bin 52.6.0-1

Install JRE7

yaourt jre7

Choose version: aur/jre7 7u80-1

Configure JRE7 for Firefox

cd /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

sudo rm libnpjp*

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-jre/jre/lib/amd64/

Add the iLO2 to the security exceptions

  1. Start the Java Control Panel: /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-jre/jre/bin/ControlPanel
  2. Add the URL to the exception list

Open iLO2

  1. Open Firefox-ESR
  2. Open about:addons
  3. Verify if the plugin is listed
  4. Open the iLO page and start the remote console

Finally you should get a screen like this

Android synchronize music over WiFi meets Ruby

I switched the tool now to Ruby which brings the following benefits against the bash version.

  • Much faster in the during file comparison for deletion (Tested with a fileset of 8000 files)
  • You can now sync your USB Stick, for example useful for the car
  • With different configurations it is possible to run multiple instances at the same time and sync all your devices parallel

You find the new version on github:

Yandex – The worst search engine

Do you know Opera, yes the browser still exists today.

I came into some troubles with this horrible browser because it uses Yandex as default search engine.
You don’t know what Yandex is, then you are not alone. This tries to be the Russian counterpart to search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Why I write about Yandex?

This annoying company added one of my websites to there blacklist because the mean it has some malicious code on it, which it sure NOT HAS!!!
OK, that can be no problem lets write Yandex and fix this problem. You thought that will be easy, NO not in Russia. You have to wait many hours until days to get a response from them. After 5 days and only 3 Mails they mean that the homepage is not reachable. Thats funny because the website has since it launch many visitors and is one of my most visited sites!!! I tried also to register to the “webmaster” tools on Yandex where I can’t add the page.

I don’t know which dreadful DNS servers they have in russia 😀 the biggest one have no problems with name resolution.

TO OPERA: Please think about which company you add as your favorite search engine.

I thought Bing is crap but now I know Yandex !!!

Its now time to write to Opera and my ISP to start the game which Yandex will play.


UPDATE: I figured out that Yandex is not able to replicate there DNS servers !!! LOL and77.88.8.1 give the right results. and are two weeks behind the right entries.


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Neue Artikel folgen kommen natürlich. Also einfach vorbei schauen und/oder den RSS Feed abonieren.

gnome 3: gnome-shell-extension additional menu

after upgrading to gnome3 i missed my additional menu with shortcut’s to rdesktop and vnc. then i researched a little bit and found some usefull links, see below.

here you can see my first little menu, i minimized entries so that the code fit to the weblog.

  1. create an extension with “gnome-shell-extension-tool –create-
  2. name: menu
  3. description: my first menu
  4. uuid: menu@localhost (you can put any name here, but remember
    the name)
  5. edit ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/menu\@localhost
  6. you can find the source below

here you can see how the menu should look:


full source:


useful links:
and take a look at: /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui